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Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

LastPass autofill doesn't work with my preferred browser on Android - Vivaldi Browser.

This apparently works in BitWarden, but not LastPass. The discussion in the Vivaldi forums point to LastPass to help add this:


Any chance you could work with the Vivaldi devs to resolve this?

New Contributor

Why is this so difficult to solve? In vivaldi forums it is said that it is up to the LastPass to fix it. 

LastPass works with many other browser without any problem. Why is this different?

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@ianmacd's reply was the solution for me - switch to Bitwarden. I'll be running both in parallell for now, but I doubt I'll be renewing my Lastpass subscription when the time comes.

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I'm a longtime user of LastPass and consider leaving it now because of not working on Android.

I'll try Bitwarden instead.

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Okay LastPass, so you are now drastically limiting your free tier users to either use mobile devices OR desktop devices (but not both). You want me to pay for your services when you are not even able (or willing) to add such easy feature like support for new browser on Android? So now I'm moving to Bitwarden instead, where they provide much better support, and I recommend others to do the same.

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Well, that's pretty poor. Actually, I take that back, it's shockingly poor. Given Vivaldi is based on Chrome, and LastPass has no problem with it on other platforms, there seems no real reason why you wouldn't support it. It's not as if it's something people just knocked up in their spare time. Looks like a great way to lose users. Like your recent price hike will also lose people.

I used to recommend LastPass to anyone who would listen. No more. You clearly just don't care about your customers any more. Shame.

New Contributor

the same opinion, I agree 

I switched all my computers in my property in Germany here to another browser 

New Contributor

I'm fine with paying a bit for a premium password manager, but if it doesn't support my browser of choice it doesn't provide me premium value. Any updates on the matter I should be aware of before picking a pw manager?

Pro tip, get on those user feature requests quick now that users are forced to make a choice.

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New Contributor

Just wanted to kick this topic. Please make lastpass work in combination with Vivaldi on android.
New Contributor

I'll give bitwarden a try. Lastpass is practically useless with my browser of choice. How difficult can it be to add support for Vivaldi?
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Its been 10 months with ZERO progress. Add me to the list of longtime Lastpass Premium/Family users that wont be renewing their subscription. 

Lastpass has been stagnating for years now. This stagnation and complete lack of attentiveness to its userbase will make it lose as much market share as LogMeIn's other products have.

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