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Re: Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

It works now!!!!  Lastpass just automagically started working on Vivaldi/Android.  Woohoo!

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Re: Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

That's amazing!

It took them only 18 months to add support for a single browser. That genuinely is amazing, but not for any reason that is good.

How long did it take Bitwarden to add Vivaldi support again? Oh yes, I think it was the same day that it was requested.

I'm genuinely happy for you that LastPass have finally got around to performing this colossal feat of engineering, but I'm also very glad that LastPass's inertia became my impetus to migrate to Bitwarden last year.

Not only is Bitwarden far better supported, but it also has far fewer bugs.

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Re: Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

LastPass didn't resolve this issue, Vivaldi did, and with no help whatsoever from LastPass.


I moved to Bitwarden months ago because of this issue. And I wished I moved to Bitwarden a lot earlier. First, seriously Bitwarden is just a lot better than LastPass, second, if I moved earlier, instead of waiting for never coming support from LastPass, I could have used my default browser 'Vivaldi' without the useability hassle because of a lack of support from LastPass, to use MY credentials and passwords with my choice of default browser.


Plus moving from LastPass to Bitwarden was very easy and quick. Don't mess about with LastPass, they're useless.

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Re: Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

I'm happy it works for you, but I'm running the latest versions of both Vivaldi and Lastpass on Android 11 and Lastpass still does not work. In the meantime, I've migrated to Bitwarden and it works like a charm. I won't renew my subscription to Lastpass when it expires, unless they solve this in time.
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Re: Not working with Vivaldi Browser on Android

Another 18 months and still not fixed. Vivaldi had to do the heavy lifting, Lastpass doesnt have to do much to get this working, but they do not care. Final straw to motivate me to switch password managers.


Vivaldi summed it up well in a blog post: 


"Log in using your favorite password manager


Even though you can save your account logins in the Vivaldi browser, we know many of you use dedicated password manager apps. And judging from your requests, we knew that supporting third-party password managers was a must-have for Vivaldi on Android.

We also knew this would take considerable work on our part, so it would work seamlessly for you.

The key was implementing the Android Autofill API, which is responsible for handling the communication between the third-party password manager apps and Vivaldi on Android. 

Now, almost every Android app supports auto filling of forms and fields out of the box. But with a browser, it’s different, because instead of merely displaying entry fields and forms (which already support the Android autofill API), browsers display web pages with a mix of content. 

So, to make this work in Vivaldi on Android, we needed to be able to detect forms and fields that could be auto-filled – and make them detectable to the Android Autofill API.  And since different phone manufacturers and Android versions handle things differently, this was not a trivial task. Therefore, we aimed for an implementation that supports autofill in all circumstances. 

So far, so good. Everything for autofill was working fine on our end. But the biggest challenge was yet to come: reaching out to the external password manager companies to get them to support Vivaldi on Android on their end, to ensure you have a smooth user experience. Well known password managers like 1Password, Bitwarden and Enpass have already released new versions, with support for Vivaldi on Android. 

This is amazing, and they all work great with Vivaldi on Android. Just make sure to enable Autofill service for your preferred password manager in Android’s settings. 

But there is one player in particular that unfortunately hasn’t released an update yet: LastPass. It’s really a shame, since this makes things more cumbersome for our shared users. And since it’s not rocket science, we hope they will soon add support for Vivaldi and its fresh, new autofill implementation. If you are a LastPass user and want to be able to use this functionality in Vivaldi on Android, be sure to let them know!"