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Ongoing bugs with Apple Watch and Authenticator...

I have a thread about Apple Watch and Authenticator problems here:


So, it seems LastPass are working on the problem but seem to keep on getting it wrong. They appear to get it to work, for a while, by making us lower our security settings in the LastPass app on iOS. However, I am now getting problems when authorising the login using the Apple Watch app.

1. I open the LastPass app on my Mac and enter my master password.

2. The authorisation message pops up on my Apple Watch and I press it. However, the login process seems to have stalled on MFA on my Mac.

3. When I go to the Authenticator, on my iPhone, to see what's going on, I get the following message on opening the app:

"ERROR Please restart the app."

4. I say OK to the above message and the app closes.

5. I reopen the Authenticator app and the authorisation message from my logon attempt on my computer appears.

6. I click on Allow and the client on my Mac completes the login process.

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Re: Ongoing bugs with Apple Watch and Authenticator...

Did you manage to fix it yet? I have the same issue with the authenticator. Error please restart the app, app closes and then same thing all over again when i restart the app.



Re: Ongoing bugs with Apple Watch and Authenticator...

Sadly, not. I will post back when I have any updates, though.
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Re: Ongoing bugs with Apple Watch and Authenticator...

Any updates or comment from staff?

Fundamentally I have the same problem with watch and iPhone (not Mac).

For a while there was no "approve" to click on the watch, today "accept" has appeared but same scenario as you describe, essentially it's broken still.

It appears there is no switch as such to stop the auth going to the watch. If you enable more security it may though, I haven't tried.

I found a post on reddit worth reading too.

edit. digging through this forum more, I see watch has been a very long ongoing issue in various forms including an apt post by deejinoz at the end of

It doesn't instil faith in LP