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Poor Android integration


Just migrated from iOS to an Android 10 device and I am surprised by the extremely poor LastPass integration on Android. Many time it simply does not detect the password prompt and when it does about 80% of the time it fails (I get the prompt, confirm... and nothing happens). So as far as I am concerned it simply doesn't work.

Is that the expected behaviour ? Any suggestion ?
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Re: Poor Android integration

Same here... integration is much better on iOS. I observed this over the last years and found LP on Android is more or less a building lot. Android came up auto-fill in Oreo ... since then we have an option for "legacy apps" in LP.  This is not consistent at all. Glad to be switching to iOS soon... 😁


btw- spending hours with stupid support advices I felt like beeing in occupational therapy. I cancelled my LP Premium suscription to give 1Password a try.


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Re: Poor Android integration

Hi @atakacs, sorry for any frustration. We are aware of autofill issues with the newest update on Android, and our developers hope to have more news or an update soon for the Android app to resolve this issue. 

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Poor Android integration

Is 1Password any better? I too am considering the change. I just installed LastPass on my Mothers phone and I help manage her passwords but this issue is making LastPass look like more work and she is not Tech savvy. I need something that is easy to use and LastPass is frustrating me right now.
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Re: Poor Android integration


I also have a new android device that runs android 10, And I am new to last pass.


I have not used LastPass on my mobile but a handful of times What do you mean by >> Many times it simply does not detect the password prompt<<when you go to a site and see fill in with last pass, this is where you have an issue??  when I go to a site that has a last pass password stored I notice most of the sites already have the user id & password filled in and I some do not. For example, Capital One credit cards, I get nothing and perhaps its capitol one that causes password managers not to work? And others like  car part websites, some forum's ect… some load with the password & username all ready to go.  

Again, I have only used last pass on my mobile a handful of times but noticed some sites seem to react like you described and some don't. BUT on my Chromebook, it works really well with no issues at all.


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Re: Poor Android integration

Me and many people really like iOS integration. A button over the keyboard works great. It is fast, intuitive and it works always.
Integration with Microsoft Swift Keyboard or G Board Keyboard should be amazing and really useful for many Android users.


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Re: Poor Android integration

It's worse than that. On a stock Google Pixel phone, latest stable release of OS and app, Lastpass can't even autofill the login details from its own browser on its own website. For months. Quite remarkable. I realize the product team all uses iDevices, but you are not representative of the wider world. If your app performed this badly on your personal phones, you would be in a crisis meeting right now.

Long-term family subscription member, having a hard time convincing my family this is a good idea.
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Re: Poor Android integration

One trick I've found that works well is from within an app or mobile web page to swipe down to access the persistent Autofill with LastPass notification. If I select this option instead of filling directly through the app, it almost always works. PayPal has been one of the apps that I need to this with 100% of the time, and the swipe down option always works to fill it for me (Pixel 3, latest version of OS)