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Suggestions for “Generate Password”

I would love it if the following became part of the system, and synced across all logins (however I’m leaving it here and labeling it iOS since that’s my most frequent point of contact and use):


  • Remember the last settings of password generation customization and/or have an editable default settings presented in the app. I have a variety of reasons for asking, but my number one reason is that your defaults are not my most frequently needed configuration. Having to customize those settings each and every time I need a new password is tiresome.
  • Allow us to specifically disallow certain symbols when including them inside the password generator. It’s ridiculous having to cope with multiple websites and other systems whose password input system is broken such that only certain symbols are acceptable, but it’s even more unhelpful to have a password management system that can’t help us cope with the external requirements.
  • This last one might be a bit of a reach as an ask, it’d add complexity to both UI and retained data and demand might be low. That said, for those of us who have to cope with multiple systems that each have separate password requirements — again, many broken in specific ways (limited field size, no symbols, only certain symbols, must use numbers only [I kid you not], specific minimum numbers of upper and lower case characters, … it’s almost endlessly idiosyncratic) — it would be fantastic to have specific and remembered generation settings that we can quickly switch between in the customization window. That way we can have quick access to strong password generation for ye-olde-inconvenient-healthcare-site (HIPPA compliant but insisting on dumbed-down passwords since 2010!), ancient-legacy-mainframe, this-other-office-data-system, that-one-website-that’s-got-password-issues, corporate-employee-relations-portal-with-other-issues, and finally the-default-settings-we-actually-prefer-when-the-**bleep**-systems-allow-it. Overall, having access to this would help me improve how I manage my far-too-numerous-collection-of-logins more gracefully and quickly. Especially when I need to make mass-changes at the same time.

I’m most concerned about the first two, but the last one is my real wish. If you can see how much time it would save some of your poor software engineering colleagues outside of (and fans of) LastPass to have that big feature, I hope at least the first two make even more sense as lower-complexity versions that are a compromise towards maximum utility for all users.



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Re: Suggestions for “Generate Password”

> Having to customize those settings each and every time I need a new password is tiresome.


Yesssss! I want my password to be 20 characters and include symbols. And I have to drop down and change it, EVERY. FREAKING. TIME. Lastpass should remember the last settings used, or have default password strength that it uses presets.

LastPass Contributor

Re: Suggestions for “Generate Password”

Hi @random9q  and @IKnowScriptFoo  - thank you for the feedback! I'll share these feature requests with the development team.