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The iOS Safari Extension is here!

What is the Safari Extension for iOS? 

With the iOS Safari Extension for iPhone and iPad, you can now create, save and fill credentials and other vault items directly in form fields - like credit cards and addresses, without ever leaving the site you’re on. Here’s how to set it up


Helpful Links

Learn about how this works with the existing autofill on iOS here
Check out frequently asked questions here


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New Contributor

Re: The iOS Safari Extension is here!

Hi, just installed iOS and iPadOS 16 beta 2, and the LastPass Safari extension makes Safari crash on every webpage.

GoTo Manager

Re: The iOS Safari Extension is here!

Hi @PolarMonk  

Thanks for reaching out! 


We are currently working to ensure LastPass will be compatible once this OS is out of beta testing. 


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: The iOS Safari Extension is here!

On iOS extensions can’t use persistent background pages and loading all the contents every time is not possible. Safari already had declarative content blocking and now it’s possible to site-specific scripts (1Blocker has just been updated with a youtube ad-blocker but the feature could be expanded). uBlock Origin is about its engine and that’s not possible with the existing limitations, but the same blocking lists are available in many other apps (AdGuard, Hyperweb that just launched, has a ton of features and looks really promising).


Active Contributor

Re: The iOS Safari Extension is here!

I've checked it, it's really great!

New Contributor

Re: The iOS Safari Extension is here!

The new Google Chrome Extension no longer allows me to search for websites that I want to access. It only shows relevant sites (i.e. the website I am currently on). I often use the extension to search where I want to go and then go to it. Is there an option to allow me to search all username/passwords in my vault via the extension? I see the Recent and Favorites but hoping I could search "all". Thanks!