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Using LastPass when abroad

I recently went on a trip to Japan (from USA) and found I couldn't use LastPass on my iPhone 14 Max as I normally do.


Typically, I use FaceID to login automatically (both for my iPhone and LastPass itself).  But I noticed this was not working once I activated a new eSim while in Japan (my primary eSim was disabled).  I was forced to enter my master password everytime I needed to use it, or use the option to allow Lastpass to remember my master password, which I did not want to do - especially since I was in a foreign country and was at a higher risk of losing my phone.


I did try to re-enable face id whenever I logged into Lastpass, but it never stuck while in Japan.


Once I returned to the US and re-enabled my primary eSim, it all started working again.


Was I doing something wrong?  Or is there no way to use Face ID if my primary eSim is not enabled?


If not, let me ask why not?  It seems using Lastpass while on a trip is when I would want the convenience of using the Face ID support the most as opposed to having to enter my master password each time.