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Why does the LastPass app have a 17+ rating in the App Store?



I'm considering to upgrade from the free version of LastPass to the version of LastPass for Families.  However, I noticed that the LastPass mobile app (at least on iOS devices) is restricted to users ages 17+.  I would like to get it for my children who are under 17. Is there another option that I can use to allow my children to also be added to my LastPass for Families?



Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: LastPass Mobile for minors (children under 17)



Currently the LastPass app on the App Store is required to be rated 17+ by Apple due to unrestricted web/browser access. As we still have versions of the app with built-in browsers, we won't be able to have the app re-rated just yet, but we do hope to remove these older versions of the app and remove the age restriction in the near future although we don't have an ETA for this change just yet.

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