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iOS App Unstable

Not sure if is the iOS version of 17.0.2 or the iPhone model of 15 Pro Max, but the app is very unstable.

When I try to use it via an app, and need to type in something in LastPass, it just closes.

This is happening on several applications including Chrome and Safari.
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Re: iOS App Unstable

I'm having the same issue (I think).


I'm working on getting my iPhone 15 Pro  setup and if the autofill doesn't exactly match the login URL, it closes the app without letting me search and choose the correct username/password.  On my previous phone, if it didn't recognize the URL it would allow me to search within LastPass to find the correct username/password. 


My previous phone didnt have face ID so I wasn't sure if this was somehow related.

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Re: iOS App Unstable

same issue here

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Re: iOS App Unstable

I’m having the same issue. Extremely frustrating. IOS 17.0.2 iPhone 13Pro
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Re: iOS App Unstable

Hello there! I've been encountering some significant stability issues on my iOS 17.0.2, or it might be related to my iPhone 15 Pro Max. The primary concern is with the LastPass app, but it's also affecting other applications like Chrome and Safari.

Whenever I attempt to use LastPass to input information, the app abruptly closes, disrupting my workflow. This is a recurring problem, and it's becoming increasingly inconvenient.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this matter and provide a solution. I rely on these apps for both work and personal use, and these issues are making it challenging to navigate my daily tasks. I hope for a quick resolution to ensure a smoother user experience.

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Re: iOS App Unstable

Same issues. Just picked up my iPhone 15 Pro Max. As I try to log into various apps to reset FaceID and make sure  the apps are working in the new cell, every time it opens LastPass to lookup the password, it is either crashing (if I try to type anything in search bar), OR if its able to match the form to the correct app -  I select the app but LP does NOT copy any info over to the password field. I’m now stuck in a loop: can’t find the password & can’t type in to search without app crashing;  or in the case of LP finding the app, it won’t auto-fill the form. However, I have found that if I keep trying to select the entry found in the vault - after 2-3 times, it WILL populate the login credentials. It’s very frustrating, but thankfully, I also have LP installed on my iPad - so I’m able to at least do a lookup - but it’s very annoying to have to use it like that. I use LP for work, school and personal accounts. I need this to be fixed as I rely on this everyday to help maintain passwords for all my needs.  Any suggestions on how to fix issue?  I’m tempted to delete the app and restore to my phone to see if that fixes the issue.




Re: iOS App Unstable

Same issue. iPhone 15 Pro, IOS 17.0.3 Lastpass v6.1.2

Edit: Just discovered v6.1.3 is out. So far so good.

Re: iOS App Unstable




I am having this problem too and have been for months.  It is so frustrating..  Lastpass window comes up and before i can select a password the window disappears.

Iphone 13 pro - iOS 17.03


This feels like it should be happening to everybody..