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iOS: Last search result hidden behind keyboard

OS: iOS 15.5

Device: iPhone 12 mini

LastPass app: 5.12.0


I wanted to send a bug report / an email directly to LastPass, but did not find a way to do this, so here I go:


On iOS, open the LastPass app, type any string into the search bar (number of results should at least fill the screen). Without dismissing the keyboard, scroll to the bottom of the list / the last result. It will be hidden underneath the keyboard and can not be selected -> the contentInset of the table view is incorrectly set.


Listening to UIResponder.keyboardWillShowNotification and using something like this should fix the issue:

@objc func keyboardWillShow(notification: NSNotification) {
        let info = notification.userInfo,
        let keyboardFrameValue = info[UIResponder.keyboardFrameEndUserInfoKey] as? NSValue
    else {

    let keyboardHeight = keyboardFrameValue.cgRectValue.size.height
    tableView.contentInset.bottom = keyboardHeight
    tableView.verticalScrollIndicatorInsets.bottom = keyboardHeight

(Be aware that this needs to be undone when hiding the keyboard)

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LastPass Contributor

Re: iOS: Last search result hidden behind keyboard

Hi w_mercer, thank you for reporting this bug! We will share this with our development team to investigate further.