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iOS - New device trouble

I am having the hardest time logging in on my new iPhone 14 Pro. The website will not let my log in to disable my multi-factor Authenticator. The app will not register my biometric data for recovery which has absolutely been set up.

I am completely positive that I know my master password, and indeed, when I try to sign in, I get an email confirming that it was used in an attempt. After I verify that attempt in the email, it takes me back to sign in and, using that same password, it tells me that it’s wrong. I’ve used my laptop keyboard, my iPhone keyboard and my iPad keyboard.

When using my iPhone and the FaceID recovery, the app just spins. Truly, 25 minutes it’s been spinning.

When using my iPad which has not changed and has logged in successfully before, I also try to Recover using TouchID, and it does the same spinning.

Please help. I use your app for everything and set up all the recovery options, but they are failing.
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Re: iOS - New device trouble

Did you ever get this resolved?  I had a similar experience with my Iphone13 and now I am completely locked out of everything.  The account recovery system is broken.  The SMS message i receive is not accepted by lastpass.  thx

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Re: iOS - New device trouble

Same issue for me. I bought an iPhone 14 Pro two days ago and have been locked out of LastPass ever since. I thought using Face ID would be simple, but it just spins for hours and...nothing. I even tried leaving it on overnight.