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2 step authentication for Facebook - user name change


I have set up 2 step authentication for Facebook. Now I noticed that I can no longer log in on another PC than my main PC, because I no longer receive push messages from Last Pass. The reason could be that I have changed my FB username in the meantime.
Can I simply change the name in the lastPass app? How do I do this?  Is there the risk that  by changing the name on Last Pass that I will also be logged out of Facebok on my main PC and then perhaps no longer have the possibility to access Facebook at all?

Many thanks!

GoTo Manager

Re: 2 step authentication for Facebook - user name change

Hi @velvet, welcome to the community.


If you open the LastPass Authenticator app is your Facebook account still listed and is it generating new 2FA numbers? If it is you should be able to enter the current number on the Facebook page when you are signing in on a new PC or device.


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