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A shared item is scrambled

This seems strange, if not somewhat dangerous: I tried to use a website login that is shared with me, and it failed with my browser saying the URL was bad. I examined the record and discovered that the password was copied into the URL field! So LastPass was inserting the password into the browser URL bar, which of course wasn't a valid address. Doesn't seem like a very secure situation, to be putting passwords into browser URL bars, and having Google add them to its giant database of things people type in browser bars.


It is a shared item which I cannot edit, so I alerted the sharer of the problem. She looked at her record and found it to be correct. The URL field contained the URL, not the password, and the login worked for her. So she can't fix it because it is not broken on her end, and I can't fix it because I can't edit a shared item.


How does this happen, and how can it be fixed?

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Re: A shared item is scrambled

Just tried a new shared item, and this one has the username copied into the URL field. What the heck is going on?

GoTo Manager

Re: A shared item is scrambled

Hello @Dave597 ,
My name is Henry and I am happy to assist with your inquiry, and appreciate you contacting LastPass Support!
I am sorry about the issue you are having with the shared items. This issue is being investigated by our team. In the meantime, please share items using a shared folder if possible.
Please let me know if further assistance is required. 
Thank you,
Henry | Customer Care
Henry is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.
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