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Acoount/email issues

Hi all!

I was requested by a company to create a LastPass account, so they were able to send me a key in a safe manner.

Now, I created an account with my business email. So I also let them know to send the key to this account.
But, when I now log in to LastPass, it will log in to my personal email adress (as can be seen in the upper right corner of the LP home screen)..
When I went to account settings, I saw my business email at "Account email"

When I try logging into my business email, my Master password doesnt work, and also am I not able to recover it. When I try the resetting options, I do receive strange emails in French, while I dont understand French and wouldve never set this up this way.
The company that sent me the key, however, is French....

It seems like really weird stuff is going on within my account.
The bad thing is, is that I cannot claim or recover my business email account.
I would think it is impossible for them to have created a new account on my business email, because I would suspoect I had to verify that email adress, but I never had such an email..

Does anyone have a clue on what is going on and how to fix this?


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Re: Acoount/email issues

Hi @DeNnZ,


We would recommend reaching out to the LastPass Admin for the Business account so that they can investigate and hopefully fix this issue for your account. They can also reach out to the LastPass Business support team if they're not able to get your accounts working properly, they can access the support number through their LastPass Admin Console > Support.

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