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All my password became trash characters

Dear Sir or Madam,

My lastpass account is:
I changed my master password on Oct, 10th, 2017. and i just logon the the forums with my new master password.
the problem is that after changing my master password, i found that all my password records in Maxthon add became trash characters and password items can not be used/copied.
and I tried to logon to Chrome addon but it failed and it always reporting that: "A consistency check failed while loading your sites. Please relogin."

can you please tell me how to fix this?
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Re: All my password became trash characters

See FAQ for troubleshooting steps:
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Re: All my password became trash characters

@jpenny84 thanks and I just fixed this issue. I also searched on the web and found some steps:

1. Uninstalled the lastpass extension, this is must be done or I can't login to
(I also exported all my password record to a local text file in case any operation in next step cause problem)

2. Revert my password change from account setting.
(After reverting my master password to previous old one, i can login my account in Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon addons.)

3. Change my master password to a new one, not the one i changed before.
(It is very strange that I changed the master password again to the previous one I want to change to. I can login on the Chrome, Firefox, but I can not login to Maxthon addon, the addon icon change to red then turn to gray after few seconds, no error was shown. It just stay in unlogged status. I uninstall / reinstall the brower and problem remains. then I changed the master password to another one and now all got fixed.)
4. Reinstall lastpass extension and login via browser extensions.