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Any way to stop automatic folder creation?

Recently I've noticed that new passwords haven't been going to my "uncategorized" folder, but instead to new folders that I didn't create, so I've got several ghost folders that I never created with one or two passwords listed in them. For example, the account that I had to make to post this is now in a folder called "Productivity Tools," which I did not make.


It's possible this is a browser issue, since I think this started around the time I switched to Firefox. Does anyone know how to make this stop? It's driving me crazy.

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Re: Any way to stop automatic folder creation?

I can't tell you how to stop it, but at some point it looks like LastPass got a list of suggested categories for a wide number of sites. New records default to these categories and if you don't change it before saving the record will create a new folder.

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Re: Any way to stop automatic folder creation?

I would also like this behaviour to stop. I expected to find a setting that I could switch off ("automatic folder assignment" or something like that), but I can't find it. I hope this question will get answered.
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Re: Any way to stop automatic folder creation?

Hello @KarenBB,


I've asked our team and this happens because some sites are set up to automatically be added to certain folders when being added to LastPass-- for example, when storing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they are immediately stored under a "Social" folder. As a workaround, when adding a site to your Vault you can change the "Folder" field and either delete all of the letters/text in this field (and leave it blank) or add it to the (uncategorized) folder.


I've also passed along this feature request to add an option to turn off automatic folder assignment to our team for consideration in adding to LastPass in the future.

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