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At Risk Exclamation Points in Vault

How do remove the at risk exclamation points showing in my vault without changing any passwords?



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Security Dashboard issues - at risk

Of the top 4 complaints in the Security dashboard, 3 complaints are "resused" password, yet these three sites are three subdomains of the same site.

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Re: Security Dashboard issues - at risk



Are these sites added as equivalent domains in your LastPass Account settings? This should hopefully only show these as one entry in your Vault and thus not see them as Reused in the Security Dashboard:

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Password at risk

I have just logged into Lastpass and most of my passwords have "Password at risk"  in red displayed next to them. Anyone have any idea what is happening. I tried logging out then back in again but no effect.

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Re: Password at risk


According to the release notes for v4.86.0 at


New at-a-glance status indicators are now shown on password entries within your Vault to alert you if a password is weak, reused, or missing (shown as "Password at risk"), or if the email address associated with a site password entry has been compromised (shown as "Breach detected").


I have a smattering of "at risk" passwords. Some are "weak" passwords I use for desktop applications, others are the same passwords for a single service (such as my ISP) that uses multiple web sites.

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Disable "Password at risk" -- UI Design Flaw

How can I disable the notification "Password at risk" that appears in my vault list view?


I was hoping to find a disable button in the Account Settings, or in the Account Options. I did not.


Just to be safe, in case this is new to the designers at LastPass, let me say that I and other people I know intentionally use *simple* passwords for certain cases. And we sometimes intentionally have LastPass entries with the password field *empty*. In all of those cases, LastPass unhelpfully shouts the false-positive alert "! Password at risk."

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Password at Risk

How can i get rid of the message 'Password at risk' without changing the password….!  ???

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Re: Password at Risk

See this Article may be help you out.

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Re: Password at Risk

I'm another person who would like to disable those red "Password at risk" warnings. I read the referenced article, and I understand it, but I still do not want to see those warnings for those passwords which I know are at risk, but whose riskiness I do not care about. I personally find those red messages to be annoying, and I *want* those few "at risk" passwords.


I have selected Account Settings => Show Advanced Settings => Disable Password Alerts followed by Update, and I have restarted my Firefox browser which is using the LastPass plug-in. However, I still see those "Password at risk" warnings.  Likewise, when I set Enable Password Alerts in the same manner, I also see the exact, same warnings.

In other words, there is no difference regarding these "Password at risk" warnings between Disable Password Alerts and Enable Password Alerts.

Is there anything else that I need to do in order to disable those alerts?

Thank you very much.

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Re: Password at Risk

Hi @HippoMan

Can you try excluding those passwords individually by following this guide? 

Reference article: 


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