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Authenticator App Crashes always on Backup

My app keeps crashing when I try to back up my OTPs online.
As soon as I click on it, it crashes and I have to open the app again. This is my log:



2022-01-09T23:31:08.135 - debug - tagcloudsync - loading session info
2022-01-09T23:31:08.138 - debug - tagcloudsync - Requesting session info from com.lastpass.lpandroid 2022-01-09T23:31:08.324 - debug - tagcloudsync - Checking multifactor status 2022-01-09T23:31:13.252 - debug - tagmigration - mfa app is not installed 2022-01-09T23:31:13.255 - debug - tagmigration - No accounts to migrate 2022-01-09T23:31:13.268 - debug - taglock - app needs to be unlocked 2022-01-09T23:31:13.407 - debug - taganalytics - adjustOptOut: false 2022-01-09T23:31:13.691 - debug - taganalytics - firebase enabled: true 2022-01-09T23:31:13.691 - error - tagpushnotification - POST - 401 com.lastpass.mfa.ext.UnauthorizedException: POST - 401 at$k$a.invokeSuspend(ClsNetProvider.kt:8) at kotlin.l.i.a.a.resumeWith(ContinuationImpl.kt:3) at at kotlinx.coroutines.C0.a.j(CoroutineScheduler.kt:1) at kotlinx.coroutines.C0.a$ 2022-01-09T23:31:14.354 - info - tagbiometrics - Biometric authentication succeeded 2022-01-09T23:31:14.355 - debug - taglock - authenticated 2022-01-09T23:31:15.788 - debug - taganalytics - adjustOptOut: false 2022-01-09T23:31:15.788 - debug - taganalytics - firebase enabled: true

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GoTo Manager

Re: Authenticator App Crashes always on Backup

Hi @CyQuer, welcome to the community.


If this is still happening please scroll down on this page and click Contact Support to request a call back from Support so they can assist 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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