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Auto Login


I seen in many website the auto login feature don't work like Aliexpress and when I click on auto fill password what happen browser by default Remember logins and passwords for websites retrieving the password from lastpass it will show you if you click on show password.
New Contributor

Re: Auto Login

Same problem here, i can't understand why is not fixed yet!
New Contributor

Re: Auto Login

Same issue here! Please respond LastPass!
New Contributor

Re: Auto Login

I guess several years in, the problem is still there: my LastPass doesn't autofill or autologin to Aliexpress

GoTo Moderator

Re: Auto Login

Hi @tmikolaj469 

There may be one of several reasons LastPass isn't filling in the forms there automatically, including those on this list: 


If none of those fit, hopefully our new and improved autofill functionality (you can activate the beta from within your online account) will help improve reliability in the future. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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