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Autofill does not work on Venmo when using LastPass to generate a new password

you have to manually copy and paste the generated password into the "new password" and "retype new password" boxes.

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Re: autofill does not work on venmo when you are using last pass to generate a new password



Could you try deleting any entries for the site, then re-adding using the Save All Entered Data method described below?

  • Make sure you are logged in to your LastPass browser extension. Go to the website whose login or form field you need to force-save. On the login page, fill in your credentials (username, email address, password, etc) but do not press login or any other buttons on the page.
  • Click the LastPass browser icon, then go to Add item > Save All Entered Data at the bottom of the menu.
    Tip: For Internet Explorer users, click the active LastPass icon, then go to Tools > Save All Entered Data. All captured fields are displayed. If desired, enter more information and specify your desired settings for the item.
  • Click Save when finished
  • Once saved, when you return to the page LastPass should fill the data for you. You can also “force-fill” the login from the LastPass notification bar, or from the LastPass icon by selecting the site name at the bottom of the menu and then clicking “autofill”.

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