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Autofill doesn't work with apps on Android

I've been trying over the last few days to get LP Autofill to work with the apps on my Android.

LP will display the autofill pop-up in the Chrome browser but refuses to fill my apps. The autofill pop-up won't even appear on long presses in the username or password fields.


Full disclosure: I was pretty upset with LMI's decision to charge for multi-format access so I switched to using another password manager service on my phone and continued using LP on my PCs. On Mar 16th I chose to continue using LP on my PC and not mobile when the pop ups starting appearing.

Didn't like the other app so decided to get LP Premium for a year, see if I got my money's worth. It seems like ever since tho, LP just won't work with the apps on my phone. When I log in to the LP app on my phone, it says "Premium" but refuses to recognize apps.

I've disabled and enabled both the Oreo Autofill and Legacy Autofill options. I've uninstalled the app, restarted the phone, re-installed the app, restarted the phone and then logged in, still nothing.


Not sure what else to do. I don't see any settings in LP on the web that would prevent my phone from working and the LP app is obviously recognizing websites on the phone, so I'm at a loss. I assume there's some flag buried in the LP user database that didn't get updated when I got Premium after Mar 16th.


Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Autofill doesn't work with apps on Android

Hi @darkcydeca,


Please note that the ability for LastPass to autofill in apps is not a Premium feature, this should work no matter if you are on a Free or paid account. Just to be sure, we have done a refresh on your account. Could you try uninstalling the LastPass app, making sure your device is fully updated and on a supported OS, then restarting your device and reinstalling then following the steps here to see if this allows LastPass to autofill or show the autofill menu when long tapping a username or password field?


RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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