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Automatically share passwords with the other Family Manager



We have Last Pass Families. Unless I am missing something, I find it really odd and inconvenient that I cant automatically share new passwords with the other Family Manager.

As of right now, when creating a new account: 

  1. Create the Account
  2. Use Last Pass Chrome Extension to generate a password.
  3. Fill Password
  4. Add to Last Pass (It would be good to be able to share from here)
  5. Open Vault
  6. Find new password
  7. Share with other Family Manager

Why cant this just be automatic? Or is it? 🤔


Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Automatically share passwords with the other Family Manager

Hi @GreenFam,


Currently there isn't a way to automatically share items to other users, even if they are part of your Families account. You could add the item to your Vault then move it to a Shared Folder that you've shared with your desired Family member(s), instead of having to share each item individually: 

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