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Can't log in, can't contact support


I'm in a bit of a pickle. My phone died yesterday and so I can't access LastPass Authenticator that way. 
Authenticator on a different phone works, but doesn't seem to be in sync or something as Lastpass states that authentication has failed. Using sms as a MFA method doesn't work as I'm not getting a message and the phone verification option seems to do something for a second and then again states that MFA has failed.

I used to have a yubikey as backup, but had to remove that to enable passwordless login. Apparantly I should NOT have done that.

And I have to log in to the Lastpass support site to get support, which I can't. So I'm stuck in a loop.

Any clue what to do?

Greets, Bart

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Re: Can't log in, can't contact support

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Re: Can't log in, can't contact support

@ubartu  Regardless of your account status, you can use the accepted solution from the thread you referenced, to create a support case for email follow up. 



Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: Can't log in, can't contact support

Thanks, I'm continuing my effort to get back into my account on that thread. 
As even that solution results in a loop where I'm having to use my non-functional MFA to continue.