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Can't login after changing master password?

I received some emails suggesting that someone was trying to log into my LastPass account using my master password. When I tried to login the master password I had on file wouldn't work so I went through the account recovery process and set-up a new password. Whilst the data was re-encrypting in LastPass, it appears I got logged out and now the new master password won't work and I cannot recovery the account again (it keeps asking me for an OTP but I don't seem to be logged into LastPass via my Chrome browser anymore. I can't even upgrade for support as I am unable to log into my account. 

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't login after changing master password?

Hi @karendee 

Are you sure the email communications were not trying to verify your device for login purposes?  


If you are still locked out now, and have no recovery options set up for the LastPass login, then you may either consider reverting to the last known password or resetting the login completely: