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Can't reset master password, hint isn't helpful and Revert isn't allowed

I have used LastPass for over ten years and have never had a problem with it.  However I recently changed my Master Password, set up a hint in case I forgot IT and everything seemed fine.  When LastPass later asked me to enter my Master Password I had a lapse of memory so decided to ask for my hint reminder.   It turned out my hint wasn't as useful as I expected it to be (my fault entirely) and so I cannot get into LastPass any more!  I have tried all the suggested ways of recovery - viz revert - message  =Your security settings don't allow you to revert changes to your master password., one time password - message = One time password not set up.  

You used to be able to email for help but another message says that has been ceased.

All my passwords are now locked into LastPass and I am unable to get at them!!  Is there any other way that I can recover my account.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!

LogMeIn Contributor


Hi @BubblesPeter,


Please be aware that LastPass Customer Care has no knowledge of a user's Master Password and it is not possible for LastPass Customer Care to reset or change a user's Master Password or assist a user with changing/resetting their master password.


If you've forgotten your master password please try all of the possible recovery options, which are outlined here:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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