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Cannot find shared passwords in LastPass

I have a Shared Folder FOLDER (see below) but NONE of my passwords that I have shared show up in it !!!


What am I doing wrong ?

Also, the help video shows entries in the shared folder once they click on Manage for the shared folder ... all I see are the people who I have shared the folder with ... where are the shared passwords ???????

Thanks in advance,

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi @BB-NJ,


If you go to your LastPass Vault, then click Sort By: Folder in the upper right area of the Vault. You should now be able to see your Shared Folder in this view (you may need to click the triangle icon to expand the folder and see it's contents) and see the passwords in this folder. 

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Thank you!