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Re: Cannot login to Lastpass

I'm going to explain my case more detailed. Today when I accessed Lastpass I was requested to reenable the multifactor authentication. I did so, or at least I thought I did. The case, is that when I try to enter and I receive the request for lastpass authenticator, it says that the device is no longer linked to my account. That means that I cannot use the multifactor way. I try with SMS, but I don't receive any. As fas as I know, I cannot disable the lastpass authenticator. When I try to recover the  password, as final solution, I receive the first code but then I cannot follow. Now I have a message the says that I have tried it a lot of times . PLs, I'm desperated because I have all my passwords here and I cannot enter the web sites. I know my master password.


I cannot submit any case nor contact anybody because the multifactor is enabled also for cases. I don't understand that.  I cannot access even my commercial account. 


I have found a place where it's possible to enter my email to solve it: 


Important: If you choose to contact LastPass Support by selecting Contact Support within this article, your case submission is solely for the request of disabling the LastPass Authenticator app for your LastPass account because SMS account recovery was not previously set up. All other queries or escalations sent to LastPass using this article's case submission form will not be addressed.

Please use the "Contact Support" option above this line only if you are unable to log in to LastPass to submit a case. Otherwise, please use the "Contact Support" option below this line at the bottom of the page.


I enterd my email several hours ago and I'm still waiting.

I suppose I have not been hacked but the problem  is that I don't have any possibiliy to contact anybody to see if this is the case or not. Even I cannot cancel my subscription if I wanted. I'm afraid that if I am not able to solve this problem this is what is going to happen besides the possible legal actions




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Re: Cannot login to Lastpass

 I have the same problem. I also had to resync MFA from them, something went wrong during the sync and now I am not able to login either. SMS or callback option do not work. I cannot turn off MFA. The support of Lastpass is really unacceptable. If their mission is to frustrate "paying" customers they are clearly on track to achieve that objective.

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Re: Cannot login to Lastpass

I am convinced that I am entering the correct password and it is not working out of no where. Is there a way to determine when my password was last changed? I am not only concerned for losing access to my data, but about the possibility others have access to it and I cannot tell without support from LastPass. I also recieve the inappropriate message to check my email for an email that is never coming to reset my account.

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Re: Cannot login to Lastpass

I moved onto 1Password, much better support and so far better stability. You have to adjust to some things being different, but it works really well.