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Cannot retrieve master password, but can use browser plugin

It is a very strange situation.


I forgot my master password. Recovery reminder didn't help

So i try to reset to receive a new master password via sms.

sms received, confirmed in the browser and it says i will now login with a new one time master password.

But after login, i am immediately logged out again before doing anything - like setting a new own master password.


and as it is a 1 time master password, i cannot login again.

strangely i did not receive the master password by mail, neither in written form nor as a link to click as it is typical on other websites.


thankfully, i have the browser plugin so i can access my vault there.

i can check all my site passwords and use lastpass. 


but of course i cannot go to the settings to set a new own master password, as i am asked for the old one, and that was the one i had forgotten.


So i am blocked from updating my own master password.

the process really has flaws.


and support hasn't replied to my email 2 days ago. 😕



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Re: Cannot retrieve master password, but can use browser plugin

Hi @MVE 


Sorry for any frustration, the last step of the recovery process is to create a new Master Password, but it looks like something caused you to be kicked out before you could do that. If you still need help with your support ticket please let me know the ticket number.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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