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Check your inbox to verify it's you. No email from LastPass? Review your login info and try again.



Update 7/9/21:


We have updated the messaging displayed when a Login verification email is sent or the Master Password was mistyped:


For your security:
1. Check your inbox to verify it's you.
2. No email from LastPass? Review your login info and try again.



If you are trying to log in to LastPass and see this error message this means that either:

  • You've entered the incorrect username or master password (and no verification email was sent)
  • You entered the correct master password and now need to verify this login attempt via an email message sent to your LastPass Account email or security email, if you have one set for your LastPass account.

There are a number of reasons why your IP or device might not be recognized even if you have used it before, especially if you are signing in directly through the browser and not a LastPass extension or App.  So before you try account recovery or anything else, please check your email (if you set up a security email you will need to check that).


(edited 5/20/21)

We are always working to ensure top security for our users. To combat recent unusual activity targeting our customers, we added an additional security system to further detect and flag suspicious bot activity and verify a LastPass user’s identity. Following feedback from our users, we have since resolved the login issues reported. As always, delivering a secure, reliable service for our users remains our top priority.


Currently, verification by email is the only option for this particular situation. 

  • If you happen to change IP addresses often try to use our Apps (browser extension or desktop), instead of signing in through the browser. Once verified they are more likely to be recognized by our system which will reduce how often you need to verify your identity. 
  • You can set up a Security Email on your account separate from your main email address. Verification emails etc will be sent to it instead which can make it easier to receive them. If you do this you need to make sure the Security email remains valid and one that you can access.
  • You can disable the email verification for your account in Account Settings > Advanced Settings.  You should only do this after you have enabled Multifactor Authentication on your account and linked it to a App like LastPass Authenticator.

We may add another authentication option besides email in the future.


Please Note: If you do not have access to your email account and there is no way to recover access to your email account through your email provider, you will need to open a support ticket, and please make sure to include an alternate email address that you can be reached at (create one if necessary).



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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I get Login Attempt Blocked Notification when I enter MY LastPass master password from MY  PC laptop with MY VPN IP address.


            Please read my facts and try to answer  my questions at the end.


I am running LastPass premium on my PC laptop through the LastPass extension on Google Chrome. I connect the laptop at home to the internet wirelessly with a Spectrum router and use TunnelBear as a VPN. Apparently, my IP address changes frequently.


I have a very strong and secure LastPass master password.


I have been using this arrangement since late September 1919 on my new PC laptop. Until May 17, 2021, I had no problem logging in to LastPass  at home with this internet/VPN connection by entering my master password.


I believe that on May 14, 2021, LastPass automatically installed version 4.72.0, built May 14, 2021, on my Google Chrome browser.


Beginning on May 17, 2021, on a number of occasions, when I attempted to log in to LastPass in this manner, by personally entering MY LastPass master password in this manner on MY laptop with MY home internet and VPN turned on, LastPass denied my log on and sent a login attempt blocked notification to my LastPass security email address. On May 17, 2021,


Among other things, the notification stated:


“Someone just used your master password to try to log in to your account from a device or location we didn’t recognize. LassPass blocked this attempt, but you should take a closer look”


“Was this you”….and identified my account, the date and time of the attempt, and the IP address, all of which were correct.


Yes, it was me.


Press the “Verify new device or location” button.


Each time this happens, I have been afraid to press this button and follow through because I did not know what would happen.


Instead, I shut down my laptop, waited a while, started up the laptop, turned on TunnelBear, checked for viruses with Norton 360, and then successfully logged on to LastPass.


Each time I log on successfully, I find no evidence that any of my accounts in the vault have been changed, entered, or hacked, or that my master password has been compromised.


I have had no problems logging into LastPass on my office PC which also uses the LastPass extension on Google Chrome.


Question 1: On these occasions (I am  entering MY master password on MY PC using MY internet and VPN turned), when I get these login attempt blocked notifications, should I  press the Verify new device or location button and follow through with it, and is it safe for me to do this?


Question 2: On these occasions, why should I do or not do this, and why is it safe or not safe?


Question 3: On these occasions, is there any adverse effect from doing this, and if so, what is the adverse effect?


Question 4: On these occasions, what happens when I press the Verify new device or location button and follow through with it?


Question 5:  If I change my LastPass master password, what is to prevent this same thing from happening when I use my new LastPass master password?


Question 6: On these occasions, what is causing this to happen, and what can I or LastPass or someone else do to prevent this from happening again?


Questions 7: What is LastPass actually doing now to prevent this from happening again?


Thanks in advance on this.



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New Contributor

I found a solution that works for me.  Open vault, then Account Settings>Advanced Settings and check "Don't require email verification from unknown devices and locations."  Makes sense that it would work since the VPN, by design, constantly switches our IP addresses, so LastPass sees them as unknown locations.

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New Contributor

My email service provider is offline.  and What should I do?

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Find another password provider
Active Contributor

"I found a solution that works for me. Open vault, then Account Settings>Advanced Settings and check "Don't require email verification from unknown devices and locations." Makes sense that it would work since the VPN, by design, constantly switches our IP addresses, so LastPass sees them as unknown locations."


Another Chicken and egg solution, you need to be logged in to view vault, I can't login because I can't get into email because I foolishly trusted Lastpass.


I also had already set it not to require any verification because this same thing happened to me a few years ago when on holiday and I was locked out of all my sites etc.  I had codes for emergency access to money in the Lastpass vault and I had hired a mobile phone with data plan for the Caribbean country which cost me $700, all wasted because I could not get in.  I also nearly lost my job because my employer required me to be able to log in while on holiday in cases of client emergency.


Lastpass made a huge number of errors in their time but this is really making me rethink whether I can trust LogMeIn / Lastpass. 


I am not on a VPN, I am not on Holiday or in a dangerous place, I am using my ISP's network of IP's (British Telecom) they change the IP when DHCP lease expires, sometimes daily sometimes a few days.  I have no  control over the IP address.


Time to take this to the next level as we are getting NO SOLUTION from LogMeIn, Social media and TrustPilot here I come.

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Active Contributor

Yes, that is my experience too. After the initial version of this problem, someone at LastPass unlocked my account, and I was able to get in and make similar selections (i.e. I set LastPass to not require email verification when the IP changes.)

But what really burns me up is that I have access to my email. I NEVER receive the promised email to verify my identity. Something must be really wrong with LastPass' staff, if they can't figure out that they aren't sending the verification email. There's literally no way back in, if I can't respond to the email message to prove I am the account owner.

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Active Contributor

This goes from BAD to WORSE to TERRIBLE


So today I managed to find a way into my email by redirection, NO THANK TO LASTPASS, only to find LogMeIn is NOT sending emails to verify.


I have tried numerous times


I can't get onto twitter or TrustPilot because Lastpass has their passwords but when I do I am going to be warning EVERYONE to stay away from Lastpass.


The Cowards have not replied to my comments and request for help in this thread and I had not access to Lastpass for two days prior.


So as I said, ransomware, cease support for free users, then deny them access to their data, then what, pay for support to fix a problem LogMeIn created.


Utterly disgusting behaviour or lack of it





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GoTo Manager

Hi @LockedOut  


The community is currently monitored M - F, so if you posted over the weekend that is why you did not receive a reply until today.  If you click on my profile and PM me the email address for your account we can take a look at what is happening.


If you are seeing the message to check your email but there are no verification emails in your inbox, the most common reasons have been the emails are being filtered out as spam by mistake, or a security email address was set up some time in the past so that is where those emails are going.


If you are not being directed to check your email, your sign in issue is most likely not related to an unrecognized device or IP address.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

I have started having this issue also recently on my Mac recently upgraded to Big Sur - 11.3.1

I also am using it over a VPN, since this is my work laptop.

The native Mac app still allows me to login. However the lpass CLI and my remote access manager app both fail.

The CLi gives: Error: Failed to enter correct password.

These e-mails go to my GMail account and like others in this thread I'm not seeing any please verify device requests coming in.

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Active Contributor

Dear LastPass support,


Quite a few people are telling you that the email your system promises when accounts are locked are not arriving. Do you think you could accept that we all aren't crazy and that something might be wrong with your system, insofar as it claims it's sending verification emails, but they aren't being sent?