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Re: Review your login info and try again.

Thanks. Finally got back in. Gave me a big scare though.  I have ALL my eggs in this basket.

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Re: Please stop asking me to verify my identity when I use a VPN

Don't give up! I keep posting the password although it won't let me in. Eventually LP gives up and say - I cun't connect to server and ... opens my Vault.

That's not a BUG it's a FEATURE!


pS. on VPN every day and have to deal with this **bleep** EVERY day. Started looking for alternatives, regret buying license for a year.

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Re: How to deactivate "Check your credentials" ?



For more information on why you are seeing this error please see this thread:


You can disable these emails in your LastPass account settings, although if you do we would recommend setting up multifactor authentication for your account as an added layer of security. Here's how to change that setting:


  • Go to your LastPass Vault and click Account Settings on the left side menu
  • Click Show Advanced Settings, make sure the "Don't require email verification from unknown devices and locations." checkbox is selected.
  • Click Update then enter your Master Password to save these changes.

Here's how to set up multifactor authentication for your account:


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blocked login - was using VAN. I closed VAN, verified new location email. now won't let me in

I was using a VPN, which isn't so common for me.  It creates its own "network," I think.  It gives me a new IP address - I think.  I tried to log into LastPass. It would not accept my master pw, which I am very familiar with.  After a few tries and my being sooooo puzzled as to what the problem is.  I decided that perhaps it was the VPN.  so I stopped the VPN.  

Then I noticed that something said it had sent me a verification email.  I go to email.  I have two messages.  I verify one of them.  Still won't let me in.  I try the other.  still won't let me in.  

Somewhere I read that I have to still be connected by the same location that I was in when I first asked.  Since I had closed the VPN, I am no in that same location.  so the verification email doesn't work. 

Now, It won't let me in and it won't generate a new verification email.  

I am, however, logged in using my cell phone!  so we know it is the same pw and I know what it is.  

I am soooooo frustrated!  😬 ☹️ 😭😵

Also - if you will let me vent even more & change topics - figuring out how to get help is really, really hard!! I'm a premium subscriber.  I finally figured out how to send email.  But using this site - this LogMeIn - figuring out that I  wasn't register & needed to register & verify my registration & create a user name, figure out how to get to the LastPass discussion community - & how to post a question - not just search!  I have no hair left (see -> 😧 🤕 ) - as I pulled it ALL out.  I swear I to post my question 10x & every time, I was in the wrong discussion or community or only searching.  Like is LastPass a community or is it only a discussion?  

so I am asking for an answer for how to log into LastPass after I logged out of my VPN and a little sympathy for frustration.  I've spent more than an hour just posting this! 



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Re: Review your login info and try again.

PLEASE help - Can't login, says see email!!!!

I'm desperate to try and get this sorted (for access to my banking and utility sites) to pay OVERDUE rent and bills!


The Problem:  My  Logon email '***' is long since defunct (I tried to get it back - but no luck)


Tried contacting - lastpass site - using Contact Support.   No Reply! 

NB: Probably because I had to use the (DEAD) '***' logon email.


Signed up here with my current '***' email, as a last hope to get this fixed.

All I need is for the Logon to be changed from HOTMAIL email to the BLUEYONDER email.

FYI: My  Email prefix is the same for both hotmail and blueyonder.


Can someone help me sort this.




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Re: Review your login info and try again.

Hi @Rob_R 


I reviewed you support ticket and the details, it's a tricky situation as we cannot change the email address on the account for you and you do not have access to it yourself. I will ask support to contact you through your new new email address and have you answer some specific questions about yourself and your LastPass account so we can confirm your identity and bypass the email verification. You will still need to enter the Master Password correctly in order to sign in. Since you no longer have access to your original email you will not be able to change it on your account, so I would recommend exporting your vault and importing it into a new account under an email address that you do have access to.


Edit - Just re-read you ticket and see that you can read email at one address but not reply. Could you set up a Gmail account so our support can contact you and you can reply with the required info?




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Re: Review your login info and try again.

But why are we having this issue in the first place?


I have specifically TICKED the box which says "Dont require email verification with unknown location". Even then, it is asking me for email verification? This is a big bug.


Please resolve the bug ASAP. People trusted LastPass but they are losing their trust.

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Re: Review your login info and try again.

Same problem here.  I'm using a browser extension and same IP.


How to restore access without email verification?

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Re: Review your login info and try again.

Hi @GlennD,

Getting into the account, exporting & importing into a new account would be GREAT!

FYI:  I tried, years ago, to change over email address but could not - because I needed to access to BOTH new and old emails (Stupid me, I should have done this - ie export/import into New account).


NB:  Believe me I tried to setup a GMail account many times, but I dont have a mobile phone, and even trying

with friend/family phones it keeps kicking me to the curb!


I will try to setup, an email with some other provider (even if only temporary) and contact you.

ALSO I can PM you my home phone No - if that makes things easier?


Many thanks (for your prompt response),



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Re: Review your login info and try again.

Hi @GlennD,

Wow, just managed to get a *** setup (surprisingly easy!) with my same prefix!!!
FYI: Available, if you want/need Home phone.