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Confidence fading fast! No search! No updates and no answers!

Ok, so I've been using LastPass for a while and love the fact I can add some random words in the text box, and then later on if I need to find the credentials use the words I added as a way of finding the necessary. Since the last update search does not work..... Now that's not a big issue. What is a big issue for me is if these people can let a broken UI get through its QA process what's to say they are not as sloppy with my security? It has made me question if I can trust them. I mean the UI is all we see of them. It's the only thing we get for our money.... It's the crown jewels! It is sloppy! Amateur! I expected more......... Maybe I'm a paranoid freak but while these lot fumble around trying to fix this who's to say the back door is not wide open. Get a grip and sort your s**t out! There done.... feel a bit better now......

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Re: Confidence fading fast! No search! No updates and no answers!

Totally agree. I've been using LastPass for over a decade. It's really gone downhill over the past few months. The fact that I can't search my passwords via the browser extensions just feels like a joke. Did anyone test this?!