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Confused about computer generated passwords

Could someone explain please:-

If my site password is - e.g. 12345 and I generate a secure password using Lastpass.  Does that password reside in the Lastpass vault only and my site password is not changed by it?

Or do I have to generate a new secure password for all 500 of my sites and individually update each one?

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Re: Confused about computer generated passwords

I'm just a user here.


When you have LastPass generate a new password, the expectation is you'll be using that as your 'user' password for a given website.

THAT newly generated password 'can' reside within your LastPass Vault, by taking the time to ensure it is in the 'password' field for the given account you just generated it for.  And that assumes you've 'created' an entry for that site.


If you've 500 Site, UserID and Password combinations already recorded within your LastPass Vault---the only way I am aware of getting them all changed is to manually browse to each site individually, go through THEIR process to change your password for THAT site (leverage the Generate New Password feature of LastPass to generate that new password with the maximum in complexity their site will tolerate), and to then also record that password change in the respective record in LastPass.


Now, sometimes LastPass will note that for 'a' given site YOU JUST CHANGED YOUR PASSWORD.... do you want to have LastPass record that in the respective 'record' in your Vault.  I've found this to be a mixed back when saying 'yes'.  When there is only a single record within your Vault to update, its good.  YMMV

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Re: Confused about computer generated passwords

Thanks, Joe - much appreciated.