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New Contributor

Context Menu with right mouse click lost options...

before the update, I used to be able to right mouse click on a website, go to the LastPass context menu, and access the credentials for that website, like Edit or Copy Username, Copy Password. Now, the website isn't even listed, much less those options. I have to go up to the toolbar icon and find that info there. It's irritating when you have to become less efficient because an update didn't consider how important those items are, and they get rid of them. Bring that function back please.

New Contributor

Re: Context Menu with right mouse click lost options...

I have the same problem on web sites I'm trying to login to. The auto log in doesn't work anymore for any sites. The LastPass red icon shows in the boxes for the log in but when I left or right click on the icon I only get a popup that says to start typing & even when I do it still does not fill the login or the password anymore. I have to go open the vault find the site & open it to view or edit to see all the login info. EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT!!! If this is not fixed I'm going to a different service. Lastpass used to be easy & no hassle. Not anymore. These changes are NOT user friendly!!!