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New Contributor

Delete an account


I would like to delete another lastpass account I own (not the one I'm currently using to post this topic)

I know the associated master password but I need to be logged to this account to follow the procedure of deletion.

When I try to log, Lastpass sends me an email at this email address to confirm connection

But I don't use this e-mail anymore and can't read mails sent to this address.

So I first need to change my login e-mail by giving a new address e-mail but this also requires to be already logged.

So this is a circling process.

Can you help me ?

LastPass Contributor

Re: Delete an account

Hello @noftal 

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems deleting your account. With our checks in place, you'd need access to that email to proceed with accessing your account or deleting it. Your info will remain encrypted until deletion and you can try to reach out to customer support to assist with the deletion. 

New Contributor

Re: Delete an account

I'm not comforftable with this since my account has plenty of passwords and I don't like to leave them in the cloud even if they are encrypted.
I don't understant your security policy since I have the login and the master password. This should be enough.
I can't access the e-mail address because it has been shutdown by its provider a long time ago because I didn't use it.
In the process of creating a lastpass account, there was no need to provide a valid e-mail address otherwise Lastpass never asked to confirm it. Now I'm stuck.