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Difficult logins

Some logins have difficult requirements that are not handled well by LastPass. I know that one solution is to use LastPass > Add Item > Save All Entered Data, but even this option does not seem to work for these difficult cases, which are unfortunately not at all rare.


The situation I'm thinking of is a website login page that contains both a login and a registration section, each a separate form. LastPass allows you to create a field by NAME attribute only, so if the login and registration forms both contain NAME=USERNAME fields, LastPass will fill only one of the two fields, and that can be the registration username field instead of the desired login username field.


While it is true that this problem is caused by a poor design of HTML, where the ID attribute is optional instead of required, there are other ways to specify fields uniquely, such as by CSS selectors or by position in the DOM.


Not only is there no guidance for this case of having both a login and registration form on the same page, but there seems to be no way to specify a button push in LastPass. This would be necessary when each form has its own pushbutton of input type SUBMIT. LastPass would need to signal the SUBMIT event in the proper form to complete the login.


I expect that LastPass is adequately designed to support logins on such pages, which are not rare, since LastPass has been in use for many years. I just can't figure out the proper ways to achieve what I need, which is an automatic login to a difficult login page such as I have described here in detail. Can anyone very knowledgeable please help?


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