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New Contributor

Error with darkweb alert?

I just activated the alerts for the darkweb, and i received this alert:

Breached site:
Compromised data: Emails, Passwords, Usernames

The site's name didnt right any bell so i checked it and i never went on this website.
And in my vault, i dont find anything related to it.

Any idea why i received this alert?

New Contributor

Re: Error with darkweb alert?

I have the same problem! 

GoTo Manager

Re: Error with darkweb alert?

Hi @happyguyepicure 


Darkweb monitoring basically checks if any of your email addresses have been found in the database of breached credentials. Your email may show up in relation to a site you do not recognize because it was shared there by someone that trades in that kind of personal information, e.g. spammers and the like. Of course if you do recognize the site you should take steps to secure or remove your account and information from it.


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