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FORUM login issues: Changing email addresses don't sync?? Change PW is.. NOT on menu??

I'm so confused:   I was trying to find some LP help and finally found the forums...  Yeah,  I know, they are for a BUNCH of products.  First thing if I wanted to post??  LOG back in, but CHOOSE a new PW.


OK -- I did that, but didn't LIKE my new PW and want to change it [later].  But, I DO want and need to change my email address.  I was pleased that was a profile choice reasonably easy to find, do and confirm.


Next, CHANGE PW --- OK, so WHERE is that choice to change PW???   I gave up, not in options or not in profile.  So, I finally did a SEARCH for, "change FORUM PW".  I was somewhat astounded, but the answer SEEMED to be the oddest I've ever seen, and crazy for a PW company:  Is this REALLY the only way??  "LOG OUT first, and THEN go to the LOGIN screen, and say ""LOST PW"", wait for email, and change it from the provided link!!"  Really??   OK I guess it should work, but....


So, I tried that method.  The email never came, and STILL hasn't come, which is why I found the post of HOW you FIND the "change the PW" response.  The question was HOW, since the email never came, as mine never did either, but at least this post showed how to get a REQUEST for the system to send an email for a new PW RESET.


So, I decided to log back in --- Odd, now I CANNOT log in with my new CONFIRMED email address.  OK, so fill in with the OLD email address, which I did... use the OLD PW then should work as well, since I never changed the PW with the OLD email address.  NOPE!!  Had to use the OLD NOW UNCONFIRMED email address with the NEW email address.


It appears to me that there are a bunch of servers in the background trying to sync with each other and it is NOT working properly.  So, I have no idea HOW to make these changes....  I'm sure I missed something here, and PART of what I said needs correcting.  But, I need help sorting out what needs changing.  


FOR NOW at least, I get email at my OLD and NEW email address.  So, I'm posting my OTHER question here also, about LastPass, since I'm trying to help another user for THEIR account.