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Finance Sites Keep Requiring 2FA

Longtime LastPass user, but Schwab and Fidelity in particular don't recognize me even after "authorizing" a device and instead require two-factor authorization each time I visit. Could this somehow be related to using a password manager like LastPass that auto fills user/pass and possibily trips the websites fraud filter?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Finance Sites Keep Requiring 2FA

Hi @3ringcircus 


They will be looking for a cookie stored in your browser, that is how they recognize that you have used this device before and completed the 2FA step. The specifics can vary between sites, some ask you to check a Remember Me or Trust this device box.


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New Contributor

Re: Finance Sites Keep Requiring 2FA

Thanks for the reply, Glenn. 

I don't have any extra browser setting like clearing cookies/history on close and other websites like Amazon, etc. remember me no problem.

It's only the financial websites, so they probaby have higher security requirements and is there a chance that autofill password managers "trip the wire?"