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Give me the password to my email

So, you know, I'm at home and I need to check my work email, and I seem to have forgotten the password. Fine, I thought, because it's in LastPass. SAVED BY LASTPASS! Hooray!

But when I try to login to LastPass (from my home computer that hasn't used LastPass previously) I get "To continue: Check your inbox for an email from LastPass"

What the actual frick? You're giving me a Moment 22? LastPass, this is VERY simple: I didn't ask for a friggin email, so do not send me a friggin email! I asked to get to my password, so GET ME MY FRIGGIN PASSWORD!

You stink balls, LastPass.

What? Stink? Is that better? How does that even make sense? Why no swearing in here? Are we all suddenly little babies whose brains explode if we hear some bad works? Jesus Christ, you Americans are WEAK.