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HELP my account evaporated overnight!



I don't remember when I signed up to LastPass, but it was many, MANY years ago. In 2018, an org I was volunteering for added my email address to their group so I'd have access to shared tools. Apparently this overrode my (paid) personal account. Up until last week, I didn't notice any difference - I still had access to all of my logins. This morning, I tried to log in and was told my account had been deactivated (see screenshot).


I desperately need to get human support from LastPass, but I can't because - since my account is deactivated - I am "no longer a customer". Also - since I was using LastPass to manage all my logins - I can't even get into most of the accounts/tools generally used to GET help. For example, I had to dig up an old email and create a new account to even post this. 


I've contacted the admin for the org I volunteered for, but I cannot depend on that solution because (A) since everyone is a volunteer, I can't count on a responder having the time/competence to fix this (B) I found a 2019 email from LastPass telling me my account would auto-renew  for the next year at $36. Since the volunteer org was an Enterprise account, that suggests that their admin removed me after the project and I was back on my old plan, and this might not even be their fault.


Another - more sinister - possibility is that I have been hacked. 


I'm afraid to sign up for a new account with the same email for fear it will wipe all the records from my previous account. Before I do that, I need to make sure that can't happen.


I have no idea what's wrong and can't get ahold of anyone. What do I do?

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Re: HELP my account evaporated overnight!

Also this. According to these emails I received a renewal notice 5/8/2019, confirmation of payment 6/9/2019, notice that the admin had deactivated the account 11/12/2019, and a 'new device' login confirmation on 11/28/2019. There are no LastPass emails after that.


Checking my bank records, there's a charge from LastPass for $36 - which is the annual fee for a Premium account (I was on auto-pay). It looks like the vol-org removed me from their plan in 11/2019 (which makes this not their fault, since everything was fine up until a few days ago), but for whatever reason it killed whatever process LastPass uses to renew my account, including auto-pay. But I should have received a "pay us" email or something during the last two years, and I didn't.  No idea why.

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Re: HELP my account evaporated overnight!

Hi @415_in_SF 


What has happened is the organization you linked your personal account to finally deleted you as a user from their account. If your personal account had be correctly disconnected from their account first your personal account would not have been affected. The fastest solution will be for you to contact your this organization and have them reinstate your account so it can be disconnected from theirs, then they can delete it again.





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Re: HELP my account evaporated overnight!

Contacting them was the first thing I tried, but I've yet to reach anyone who can help. They are, after all, all volunteers. Assuming I get the attention of someone who wants to help, there's no guarantee they'll be competant.


Is there any other way to fix this? You said that was the fastest way, not the only one.