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For more information about the LastPass security incident please visit our blog

New Contributor


Yesterday was the second time that I have had about 20 SMS messages appear quickly together that seem to be coming from LastPass with security codes to validate LastPass logins.

I know it's not me, so how does this happen?

Are they getting my email and password somehow?
The last time it happened, i changed my password and still got more messages.
i changed my email and then password again, and it stopped.

It seems that the only thing saving me is two-factor authentication.
I'm terrified that someone will get access to EVERYTHING that i have.
Please advise.
New Contributor

Re: Hack?

Did you get a used phone? I'm not sure what the cause is, but when I try to authenticate Lastpass on my new phone, the authentication codes get sent to my old phone (I know this because my mom is using my old phone). You might be getting the codes because the previous owner of your phone is trying to login on a different device.