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Having problems with LastPass


I'm looking for some help, if you can help me I would be very grateful.

I've changed master password for LastPass in March when I realized they had security issues (and also all passwords that are saved in my LastPass). The problem is, I've forgot the master password and now I cannot login. I've tried password recovery, master password revert, etc. - but I cannot get in.

The only thing that I get is if I type what I think is the correct password: "To continue:
Check your inbox for an email from LastPass: <my email>
Review your login info and try again.

I don't get any email from them (I've checked SPAM folder).
If I try to get to their documentation I get: "Page not found Looks like this content no longer exists."
I've also been unable to login after "Recover Account".

There's no contact on their side to ask for help without login. Is there any way that I can recover my LastPass account? I've got MFA enabled so I've got authentication codes, I get their text message,... But nothing is working. All my passwords are there, are they trully lost?

Thanks for any advise and help.


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Re: Having problems with LastPass

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Re: Having problems with LastPass

I've solved it.