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New Contributor

Having trouble logging or accessing LastPass settings

Seems to be some issues with both mobile and web this am with logging in or accessing any settings. No reported outages?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Outage this am?



Per the LastPass Status page ( there haven't been any outages or incidents in the past few days with LastPass. Are you still having trouble logging in or accessing LastPass settings? If so, when trying to log in what error do you see or what happens?

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New Contributor

Re: Outage this am?

It seems to have right-sided itself. On mobile I was being told the device wasn't authorized. When attempting to click the emailed-link from desktop to authorize it - it would get no response from servers. ON desktop, trying to do anything in lastpass would timeout as well. But like I said, it right-sided itself. I'm just surprised nothing reported this anomaly.