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How do I enable LastPass MFA if my active device type is mobile?

I see instructions how to do it from the browser, but not from the lastpass app.  I have lastpass app on my iphone, and I want to have 2FA via google authenticator. Is that possible? When I am trying to login to lastpass from the browser, it tells me I cannot have an app and browser way of entry for free.

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Re: How do I install 2FA on my lastpass app for iphone?

I would say any authenticator is fine (including last pass authenticator) as long as I do not need to purchase anything. I want a free solution. 

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Re: How do I install 2FA on my lastpass app for iphone?

Hi @karmen1,


Multifactor authentication, such as the Google Authenticator, do need to be enabled via a web browser and can't be enabled via the app on a mobile device. Our team is currently working to fix an issue causing some Free users to not be able to access the Security section of LastPass by logging in to in a web browser. For now as a workaround, you would need to switch your active device type to Desktop, enable multifactor authentication, then switch back to Mobile devices as your active device type. If you do not have any device switches left, please send me a private message to let me know what your LastPass account email is so that we can reset your switches so you can enable Multifactor for LastPass via the web.



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