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How to access attached files in individual LastPass records

Hello. Since the notes in LastPass allowed me to attach files or documentation, I got the incorrect idea that I would be able to access them through LastPass in an emergency. This assumption was incorrect and when I really needed to remove a credit freeze I was unable to open any of the documentation I had saved with the LastPass record. Searching here and other locations I found that it said I could use the desktop app for this. All that did for me was open LastPass in a web browser and still did not allow viewing of the files. What is the process to add a PDF, Word or notepad file to a LastPass record and then be able to open it on a phone or computer?
Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: How to access attached files in individual LastPass records



Here's a support article which explains how to add attachments to Secure Notes:


Attachments are supported on all web browser add-ons and platforms, including the Premium user iOS and Android mobile apps. However, attachments cannot be opened from the Online Vault in a web browser (i.e., logging in to

For more information on downloading your secure notes attachments please see here:

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