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How to create multiple credentials for same URL?

I require the ability to securely store credentials for multiple web addresses, all operating from the same URL, say 


I can not seem to do this. If I create a second Item of Password type, LastPass recognizes both items have the same URL and it "asks" me to "Update password". By "ask" I mean, there is no path to saying no.


I actually DO want 2 password Items, each with the same URL. It seems like there is logic in place that detects both items have the same URL, and so prevents me from having more than 1 credential set per target URL. Can anyone confirm this?



Let's say you are doing QA on 2 different embedded Linux devices and need to login.  They have same IP but different passwords. To test one of these devices, you plug it in and unplug the other device.


For compliance reasons I must use LastPass. Yet Password items is fighting me on it. My current workaround is a freeform "Secure Note" item but this workaround takes extra time.


Advice welcome, thanks


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Re: How to create multiple credentials for same URL?

Hi @scott70cujo,


You should definitely be able to create multiple entries for the same URL/site, could you try manually creating an entry for the site in your Vault instead of using the auto-capture from LastPass? (under the "Add a password while in your Vault" section)

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