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How to disable 2FA-passcodes by SMS?

I have set up my login to Lastpass to use Lastpass Authenticator on my phone, and a printed out Grid as backup. Despite this, Lastpass offers to send me the 2FA-code by SMS. I don't want this, since 2FA through SMS is far less secure, but I have not been able to find a way to turn it off anywhere in the account settings. There is no SMS in the list of 2FA options, and I can't turn it off in the mobile-section either. Is it really not possible to turn off SMS-passcodes?
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Re: How to disable 2FA-passcodes by SMS?

1. You cannot use Grid as "backup". Only one 2FA method is active. When LP authenticator is active, Grid is totally useless even if it's "enabled".

2. Don't use the LP authenticator option if you don't want SMS. Use the Google authenticator option for example, which doesn't have SMS. You can still use whichever TOTP-2FA app you like.
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Re: How to disable 2FA-passcodes by SMS?

Two years later and LogMeIn/ LastPass have not addressed this "must enable SMS backup" for LastPass Authenticator 2FA. That's not just sad, it's criminally negligent in today's age of ever-more-insidious attacks.

Hey, LogMeIn/ LastPass, are you listening?