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How to stop vault opening

I am using the lastpass extension version 4.2.0 in my browser, recently I kept getting a login error & the only way I could resolve this was uninstalling & reinstalling the extension, however after this every time I login my vault is opened in a tab which I don't want. If I go to preferences / general, the option "Show my Lastpass vault after login" is unchecked, so in theory this should not be happening. I tried to check it & save, then logged out, logged back in & then unchecked it & saved again just to make sure it was recognising my preferences but it's still the same.
Any ideas please.
Thank you.
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Re: How to stop vault opening

What browser are you using. In Chrome, LP still runs in the background, which can cause the issue.

The error can relate to the fact that the internet connection was not properly established when LP tries to connect. Both might be solved by turning of teh chrome apps, if you use that browser.
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Re: How to stop vault opening

Hi & thanks for replying. I am actually using the Vivaldi browser which I understand is built upon Chromium. I have established a network connection when this occurs.
When I first start my browser I think you're right, the lastpass extension probably does run as a seperate process but it's only when I login that the vault pops up in a new tab, this action is something that never used to occur before I reinstalled the extension.