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I can't log in to my LastPass account

Hello, I really need help with my LastPass account. I try log in to my LastPass account for 2 months. Every time I log in and request SMS, it just say SMS send but I never receive the SMS code, and if I use the call option, it just log me out the verification screen and show error. Now my bank app account expired log in and I need to change my password. What can I do now ?

GoTo Manager

Re: I can't log in to my LastPass account

Hi @tysonchau 


Support will be contacting you about your ticket, since the sms messages are not being delivered to your phone successfully support will need to manually authenticate you so you can sign in. You may want to switch to using an MFA App over an SMS message for the future.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: I can't log in to my LastPass account

Hi @GlennD , Jose has contact me via email about my case. 

But my problem is about LastPass verification system just don't want to send SMS or Call me to verify my account so I can't log in LastPass neither Recover My Account as you said. Can you help me turn off 2FA on my account ? I can provide you all my personal information to verify my account identity. I really need it to change my bank app password as soon as possible.


Case Number: 15791511