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New Contributor

I'm not sure if i'm being hacked

I'm getting my log in attempted blocked everytime.


I get the email saying to verify the device but the location and IP address def doesn't match up to my wifi.


But the time of log in does match mine. Unless it's a bot trying to log in at the exact same time?


I've even changed my password and it still happens. 


I'm tempted to just "verify" the new device so i can log in.


Has anyone here dealt with this or know what I should do? 

GoTo Manager

Re: I'm not sure if i'm being hacked

@deeneel256  I do see a few different IPs in use with your LastPass login, but they are not different every time. Can you tell us what type of connection you're using, like cellular data or a local area network? 

Is there a VPN or something similar involved at all? 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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